ACC RC-850 Version 3.6 Upgrades:

1. FC-900 remote base interface is supported.

2. When a cross link remote is turned off, speech X is transmitted out that remote as an ack that the remote got turned off.

3. The controller has to be unlocked to edit messages and to download the E2PROM.HEX file to enhance system security.

4. Mailbox messages with numbers appended to them read out properly with the Computer Interface.

5. All vocabulary words and sound effects can now be loaded and read back properly with the Computer Interface.

6. "P time out alert" name now correct in the MSGNAMES.TXT file.

7. The text message for VRT channel 13 now works properly.

8. Terminal text messages were added for alarms 1 and 2, and for the "PHONE CALL FOR YOU" message.

9. When phone number macros and the leading one override are programmed with the "E" command, they dial correctly.

10. All bank 1 autodial locations now load properly.

11. When loading autodial numbers using the "A" command, "*" can be used as "PAUSE".

12. Touch-tones 3 4 now work properly as "PAUSE" in the path dialing prefixes.

13. A control operator command was added to disable autopatch phone number read-back.

14. More code "I" was added as reverse patch answer message.

15. When the patch is operated from a link, link COS refreshes the patch activity timer.

16. Touch-tone "*" and "#" now work in pager memories. This can be useful in some remote phone line applications.

17. When an auxiliary Touch-tone decoder is assigned to the phone, the phone control operator prefix works properly.

18. VRT channel 81 has been added to clear the command log. This means that you can automatically clear the command log with the scheduler.

19. VRT commands for stored highs and lows don't respond when entered for channels that are assigned empty.

20. When the controller is in a "PL" access mode, it passes receiver audio properly for CTCSS voice pages.

21. When the repeater is control operator disabled, the reverse patch command is ignored.

22. The controller no longer says "UL" twice when programming setpoints.

23. When the mail present message is the last item in an ID, the repeater transmitter drops properly.

24. The ID sequencing from link receivers is now the same as it is from the repeater receiver.

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