FC-900 Information

FC-900 repair charges are $125.00 plus return shipping and insurance. Should the FC-900 be determined to be beyond repair, only return shipping and insurance charges will apply.

Unfortunatly I can only repair the FC-900, radios must go back to Icom for repair. At an additional cost, I can Go/No Go test the radios with the FC-900 to determine if the radios are functioning. The charge for radio functional testing is $25 per radio and will confirm that the radio can be turned on/off, change frequency, output power into a dummy load, ie move a bird slug, and can receive a test signal.

If the FC-900 uses the optional PL encoder IC and it is found to be defective, it will be replaced at a cost of $55 not covered in the repair charge.

For those wishing to upgrade their FC-900 remote base system so that it will transmit PL tones, U7 (MX-315) is now available for $55.00 plus $8.00 shipping.


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