RC-850 Information

Repair Fee

Repair and Complete Testing -------------------$275.00* ** ***

Repair Parts

EEPROM with Factory Default Programming----$40.00*


E2PROM.HEX file conversion to EEPROM-------$75.00*

RC-850 Manual in Adobe format
RC-850 Manual in Ascii format


Backed up your EEPROM lately? If you have a computer interface board on your RC-850, you or someone in your club should be backing up your memory. The EEPROM contains all of your IDs, Timers, Autodial numbers, etc. I am sure you have a complete list of every ID, Timer and Autodial location but who wants to type all that stuff back in! Log on to your Computer Interface Board and download e2prom.hex. Should disaster strike and your EEPROM fail, (They do anyway with time you know!) ACCREPAIRS can rebuild your chip from the downloaded file. Don't put it off any longer, MAKE THAT BACKUP!

Own a front panel display? I LOVE LEDS, isn't anything cooler than to open the cabinet on an 850 in the dark and watch all the LEDS blink. The problem with that is that moment of coolness could cost you a boat load. The engineers at ACC tied the ICs that run the front panel display directly to the 12 volt power coming into the controller. Want to know what happens the first time you get a spike on the power line. Zap, the front panel goes. Turn the front panel switch OFF when leaving the site. This will protect your valuable front panel and keep the repeater on the air longer maybe when you need it most, during the storm!

*Repair fee does not include return shipping and insurance.

**While they seldom go bad, here are some items not included in the repair fee

EPROM's----------------If defective or upgrading, U15 & U16 must be purchased at a cost of around $75 each.

Voice Chip----------------If defective, add $45.00 to repair cost.

Real Time Clock Chip---If defective, add $50.00 to repair cost.

Audio Delay Board------If defective, SORRY, not repairable at this time.

MT8860 & MT8865 Touch Tone Decoder-If defective, will call with price.

Front Panel Display Drivers--add $10.00 per defective IC.

***NOTE: For controllers that are beyond repair, return shipping and insurance will be the only charges unless otherwise specified.


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