RC-96 Information

Repair Fee

Repair and Complete Testing -------------------$200.00* ** ***

Repair Parts

EEPROM with Factory default programming--------$40.00*

* Fee does not include return shipping and insurance

** While they seldom go bad, here are some items that are not included in repair fee.

EPROM--If defective or if upgrading must be purchased at a cost of around $75.00

Real Time Clock Chip--If defective, add $75.00 to repair cost.

Voice Chip----------------If defective, add $45.00 to repair cost.

PL Tone Board-----------If defective, add $50.00 to repair cost per channel.

*** NOTE: For controllers that are beyond repair, return shipping and insurance will be the only charge unless otherwise specified.

For those wishing to add PL channels to their RC-96, the MX-355J is now available for $55.00 plus $8.00 shipping.

We now have available the 8 pin DIN connectors that plug into the rear of the RC-96. The connectors are $8.50 each plus $8.00 shipping for each 1 to 15 ordered.

RC-96 EPROM Files


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